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A DrivingIt Client Success team member will work with you to select the best account to work under. We strongly recommend it is someone within your sales team who is proficient in digital marketing and will respond to questions quickly. Some dealerships call them Digital Sales Reps, Online Sales Reps, etc.

Facebook controls the number of inventory units that can be displayed at one time. We will stagger the units being added so that the inventory units you identify that are popular (demand), with good margins (profitability), and that are ready to ship (time) are the units that should be prioritized for posting.

Daily. Every evening we get an updated feed from your inventory feed supplier, such as your website provider, Homenet, etc, and update the listings that you have on Facebook Marketplace. Every morning you come into the office you will find your inventory up-to-date and there is no hassle with starting the day managing the content.

We typically will get your feed from your website provider or your inventory management provider.

The setup can generally be completed in 1-2 weeks or quicker once we have all the information regarding your inventory on file.

We work on a month-to-month billing cycle. Cancellations need to be received prior to the last day of the month for cancellations to take effect for the preceding month.

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