DrivingIt: The Secret to Keeping Your Vehicles on Facebook Marketplace

Why manually post your inventory when you can get qualified leads delivered directly into your CRM without the hassle? DrivingIt is proving itself to be one of the leading platforms to help dealerships across North America convert prospects into qualified leads.
January 5, 2023

At a Glance

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With Facebook’s recent announcement that dealerships can no longer post inventory on Marketplace through a Facebook profile, many dealers are facing the difficult decision of whether to continue with Marketplace at all. However, there is a new, emerging solution that has been making waves in the automotive industry that has already solved this problem. 

DrivingIt, the auto industry’s solution to online inventory, enables dealers to keep their inventory listed on Facebook Marketplace through a business profile. Designed with dealerships in mind, DrivingIt takes care of managing your listings and incoming leads, allowing you and your team to focus more on in-person sales and customer service.

“If automotive dealers don’t take action now, they are at risk of losing up to 30% of their Facebook leads,” says Steve Devries, founder and CEO of DrivingIt. “DrivingIt eliminates that risk by providing an alternative solution for listing and managing your leads on Facebook Marketplace.”

Since launching in 2020, DrivingIt has proven to be a valuable tool for dealerships. By handling all inquiries, it’s able to cut your average response time down to 5 minutes in order to boost conversions. However, what truly sets DrivingIt apart is the qualified lead plan, which allows dealers to only pay for the leads that are more likely to generate a sale.

“There isn’t another platform out there that is doing this,” says Darren Jensen, Account Executive at DrivingIt. “It gives dealer principals and General Managers peace of mind that every dollar they spend on driving leads is returning serious prospects that are likely to convert.”

DrivingIt offers two options for month-to-month payment plans based on the needs of the dealership. Dealerships have the option to choose the Lead Gen Plan where DrivingIt will post and manage the inventory on the dealers behalf, or their Qualified Lead Plan where they will post your inventory and handle the inquiries

To learn more about DrivingIt, visit their website or book a 15-min consultation with a member of the DrivingIt team.

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