Are You Interested in Getting Your Vehicles Back on Facebook Marketplace?

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Response Matters

Did you know that 45% of inquiries come in after-hours

When you don’t interact with inquiries within the first 10 minutes, you’re losing customers to your competition.

That’s where DrivingIt comes in. DrivingIt is the Facebook Marketplace Customer Engagement Solution that turns inquiries into qualified, booked appointments

No More Missed Opportunities

With almost half of inquiries coming in after-hours and our immediate response rate of 5 minutes, DrivingIt will handle every single inquiry for you to maximize your appointment potential. No more missed opportunities.

Qualified Appointment Booking

Our highly trained Live Automotive Agent Responders engage with your Facebook Marketplace customers 24/7/365 to weed out the tire kickers and book qualified appointments for your sales staff.

Live Response

With all this recent talk about Chat GPT, is DrivingIt an autoresponder? Absolutely not! We believe in having real conversations with prospects by using highly trained live automotive agents. Real people cannot be replaced by AI to have an effective outcome. Our proven process delivers results.

An affordable plan that best meets your dealerships needs

Qualified Lead Plan

For dealerships who want inquiries converted into qualified booked appointments by the DrivingIt team 

At DrivingIt, we offer fully managed Facebook Marketplace listings for your dealership.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Let us take care of managing your new and used inventory on Facebook Marketplace 

We Drive Customers to Your Showroom

 Gone are the days when your staff has to weed out the tire kickers and convince prospects to come see you. We use proven methods to find the interested buyers, pre-qualify them and book the appointments on your behalf, allowing your staff to prep for the appointment for a successful meeting with the customer

Only Pay for Qualified Appointments

Tired of paying for leads that aren’t bringing you a return? We’ll do the work to vet out the tire kickers and only pay when you receive leads with contact information so you can push them through your sales funnel

(Only available on select plans)


Put Your Automotive Lead Generation On Auto Pilot

DrivingIt removes the hassle of managing inventory, responding to prospects, and delivering leads from Facebook Marketplace. You’ll never receive another pesky “Is this available?” message again.

Vehicle Inventory List Set Up

We will build your profile and set up your inventory listings on Facebook Marketplace

Up-To-Date and Accurate Inventory

Our team will update your inventory daily as it becomes available and remove any unavailable units from your list

Monthly Lead Reports

Receive a monthly report on the number of inquiries and qualified sales leads generated that get passed to your team

Response Matters

24/7/365 response by our trained LIVE Automotive Agent Responders ensure you’ll never miss an inquiry again - EVER

Booked Appointments

Allow your sales staff is left to do what they do best: sell cars. No more excuses why certain leads have not been followed up

Deliver Leads Directly to CRM

Your appointments are delivered directly to your CRM and to as many emails as you like. Know the moment that an appointment has been booked

At DrivingIt, we offer fully managed Facebook Marketplace listings for your dealership and delivered qualified appointment bookings directly into your CRM.


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